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We have made our fair share of mistakes in the past! But it was from our errors that we were able to learn from our experiences. We´d like to share this knowledge with you. Whether you´re a beginner who is just starting out or a more seasoned rider looking to refine what you already know, Sled360 has something for everyone. We do it for the love of sledding.

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Sled360 aims to provide you with all things snowmobiling – the full 360 degrees. We hope to make snowmobiling both more accessible and enjoyable for riders of all abilities by providing information and knowledge based on our experiences. We are constantly adding fresh content filled with information and instruction. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or simply have a question, feel free to Contact Us!

Snowmobile Trip Kit - Coquihalla Summit

The Location

Coquihalla Summit riding area is just off the Coquihalla Highway, Exit #228 (Britton Creek rest area) between Hope and Merritt. The area consists of great

Snowmobiling Technique Tip - Neutral Position Turns

It's time for our next snowmobiling technique tip! On this occasion, we're going to take a look at neutral position turns. This is a movement that is known by many names. When it comes to off trail and power riding,

Snowmobiling Technique Tip - Body & Foot Positioning

Here I will talk about the correct body and

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What's Coming Next?

  • Where to Ride

    If you are wanting to ride in WA state or Western Canada, watch for this publication. We'll give you a few hints on where to look for snow if there isn't any in the local passes!
  • Sled Extraction

    I have an article, almost ready to post that covers everything necessary for sled extraction, including Rigging, Pulley Systems, Gear Required, Anchors, Winching Systems, Rope Management, and Helicopter Longline considerations.
  • Trip Kit - Valemount

    Located at the junction of the Rocky Mountains and the Caribou and Monashee ranges of the the Columbia mountains, Valemount, BC offers some of the best sledding period.
  • Which Gear?

    I spent numerous hours researching which gear I ride with, then replacing if it wan't right. I will share my buying decisions, head to toe, with hopes of saving you some time.