Quite simply, we love to sled. We try to spend at least 50 days a season on the snow. When we’re not riding we’re having fun improving our sleds and conditioning ourselves to become better riders (as well as imparting wisdom right here!).

So what makes a better rider? For some it may mean finding and conquering the next big challenge. To us, it means exploring and discovering. It means preserving and strengthening our bodies so that we can live to sled another day.

Sled360 is the place where we can share our experiences to help you improve your own snowmobiling experiences. You can even share your wisdom with us – we hope you do!

Discover our 12-week Sledfit fitness program, learn new sledding skills and find out the very best places to go. Whether you´re a newcomer or an old pro, we hope you’ll find something useful here. Welcome to the community!

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Ride Tomorrow

At Sled360 we are dedicated to bettering ourselves 365 days a year. We also want to provide all riders with the chance to improve their snowmobiling experiences through improved fitness, increased skill and enhanced knowledge.



A 12 week fitness program designed specifically to improve the core strength and endurance necessary to become a better, more proficient, less injury prone rider. The goal of Sledfit is to raise the overall fitness ability of all riders, increasing our overall ride endurance, and maybe making us a little lighter on our sleds…