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If you’re unfamiliar with our Sledfit fitness program then you can read all about it here: Our Sledfit exercises are designed with sledders in mind. With any luck (and a little bit of hard work!) these exercises can help you improve your fitness levels while bettering you as a rider – a most impressive of combinations! […]

Surprisingly few people know about this particular tip. It’s simple and can potentially save a lot of hassle. When attaching the safety chains to your tow vehicle, make sure the chains cross over each other. Simply, the left chain should hook into the right receiver eye and right chain into the left. The great thing […]

  In WWII, most aircraft battle damage was repaired with patches taken from scrapped planes, which is part of the reason you saw relatively clean looking planes even after seeing heavy combat. In fact, patching individual bullet holes became a bit of a romantic notion of the hero in the sky. It is in this […]

  It is often heard that one can’t start riding a machine that is facing upslope.   While you should always try to stop your machine facing in an easy start direction, if that does’t work out as planned, there are ways… In this instance, the sled, while not dramaticially, was facing upslope and I […]

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