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As riders are at different levels of ability, my posts and articles will be tagged with Basic Riding Technique, Intermediate Riding Technique or Advanced Riding Technique. Let’s take a look at what I mean by Intermediate Riding: These rides will be a mix of on and off trail. Some sections of rides will be amongst […]

Hey everyone, Hope all is well and you are starting to get excited for the up and coming snowmobile season. I have already started going through my gear, inspecting, fixing, updating and helped a friend wrap a sled!! As I mentioned in my previous post, I am somewhat new to snowmobiling as this will be […]

Hello everyone, I am truly excited to have been asked by Sled360 to provide to tell my story of what my journey has been like getting into snowmobiling. I’m hoping that my blog will help people who are wanting to get into the sport or re-engage after some time away, will provide information to assist […]

Here is an excerpt from our eBook: Snowmobiling Basics – Sled Extraction Snowmobiles are more reliable than ever these days, but it’s important to remember that for every slope you go down, there is one that you have to get your sled back up. This task becomes especially difficult when extracting inoperable or unrideable equipment. […]

Establishing and maintaining the correct hand position as you learn to ride will increase your control, reduce fatigue and improve your overall safety. Let’s take a look at the hand positions you should be using when on your sled: Brake Hand Your brake hand should have one finger on the brake at all times. Period. […]

Ascending a slope may seem relatively simple but doing it well does take some practise. One of the most important things to remember is that you should never climb beyond your abilities – particularly those of descending and turn outs. If you’re not comfortable navigating down the terrain afterwards then it’s best to reassess. Essentially, […]

We’re always looking to improve as riders and share our learnings with you! In this case, it’s all about the basic descent! When you’re descending, you should retain as much control as possible – seems pretty obvious, right?! Here we’ll explore basic descents in which both skis and the track are touching the ground. Our […]

When you think of snowmobiling, you probably think that the difficult thing is riding the terrain. However, knowing how to read the your environment, especially when riding in technical terrain, is a skill that’s often overlooked. When you are riding in technical terrain, you need to strike a balance between carrying enough momentum to climb […]