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Don’t Skip Pinpointing using Probe! In conducting an Avalanche Rescue, you may be tempted to start digging after you have found a lowest number with your transceiver.   Here is a technical example and practice exercise to highlight why you shouldn’t skip pinpointing using your probe.   There are 4 distinct and deliberate search phases […]

Summary Navigating the world of aftermarket snowmobile performance upgrades can be confusing. In this article we will look at the various tunerless** performance upgrade options, describe what components those upgrades are comprised of, and compare them on a dollar to horse power ( $/HP) basis. In the DOLLAR/HP PERFORMANCE section below, we chart out the […]

Thursday, April 28, 2016 – 00:00 As snowmobiling season in Valemount draws to a close, one may find themselves wondering what they’re going to do until next winter. You may be thinking that this is your chance to hang out, fish, and have a few cold ones. That may be; however, being an athletic and […]

Like most people who started snowmobiling in the 80’s or 90’s, I started out with no knowledge of what the difference between good and bad riding gear was. There has been an evolution of the riding gear that I had purchased over the years. In the early 1990’s when I bought my first snowmobile, I […]

The class that may save a life (2016) Every Back Country Snowmobiler who rides in mountainous regions of the country should already be aware of some basic safety information before ever unloading their snowmobile at the parking lot.  You should already know that you need a Shovel, Beacon and Probe before heading out riding in the back […]

Do you ride with extra fuel? • Do you ride with a Shovel? • Do you ride with a Beacon? • Do you ride with a Probe? • Do you have sled insurance? • Do you have truck insurance? If you answered yes to any of these questions above and do so because you “might […]

The POWDER is DEEP and you are having the ride of your life…and then… STUCKFEST!!! It happens to everybody… We all get stuck, some more than others. But what can make a bad day or a great day is the ability to get unstuck quickly and easily. There are some basic fundamentals that should be […]

Don’t take on the backcountry without knowing what you’re looking at when you see that grand hunk of rock and fluffy white stuff. Each mountain hosts any combination of ever-changing features and conditions—here’s a breakdown of what to pay attention to, and how it can affect your safety. 1. Wind can displace tremendous amounts of […]

For those that are interested in the technical nuances of avalanche behavior, this succinct whitepaper that discusses the probabilities of triggering a fatal avalanche within the specific Avalanche Danger Ratings. Click to access TriggeringOdds_Tar_Jamieson.pdf “Avalanche risk depends on the probability of an avalanche affecting people (or property) and the expected consequences. For the consequence term […]

If you’re anything like me, you over snowmobile and you get strained elbows and arm pain. If I am not careful, tendon strain will set in around February and can be there for the rest of the season. Thankfully, with coaching from a sports Orthopedic surgeon, I have found some ways to mange it. Technically […]