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Looking for something to better your backcountry decision making capabilities? ABOUT THIS BOOK The majority of avalanche accidents are a result of errors in judgment, often shockingly evident only in hindsight. Avalanche workers have long recognized this problem which has spurred much work on the “human factors”, resulting in some notable benefit for the […]

Here is a way for you to practice your route finding skills. In the following photographs we have built some fun games where you must try and navigate your way from the green hut to the red hut. Be careful to navigate around areas that contain avalanche potential Click and hold the left mouse to […]

Over the last ten years there have been fantastic advances in the field of avalanche safety through research and technical development. Additions made to snow stability evaluations like ‘fracture character’ during the ‘compression test’ deepen our awareness of what is happening with the snow. There have also been the development terrain assessment tools, which help […]

Hello everyone, I am truly excited to have been asked by Sled360 to provide to tell my story of what my journey has been like getting into snowmobiling. I’m hoping that my blog will help people who are wanting to get into the sport or re-engage after some time away, will provide information to assist […]

Here is an excerpt from our eBook: Snowmobiling Basics – Sled Extraction Snowmobiles are more reliable than ever these days, but it’s important to remember that for every slope you go down, there is one that you have to get your sled back up. This task becomes especially difficult when extracting inoperable or unrideable equipment. […]

If you’re getting ready for a day out on the snow then you’re probably thinking about what to pack. First of all, it’s important to be prepared for every possible situation. While you want to have a variety of equipment and tools, you also don’t want to overpack resulting in a heavy load. Below is […]

We all ride for one reason – because we love it. And what better way to ride than in the company of friends? With that in common, it’s only logical that we all take the time to consider fellow riders and our environment. That way, we can all continue to enjoy this wonderful sport while […]