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Too Much? Most snowmobilers can tend to be a little selfish… What do I mean? We always want the best of the best gear and snowmobiles for ourselves! If you are like me, you are regularly upgrading your personal sled every few years and if you have other family members who ride, they tend to […]

It is that time of the year when every snowmobiler is itching for the upcoming snowmobile season. The overnight temps start to drop, snow shows are scheduled, sled videos are being released, and you start to get back into day dreaming about shredding the POW while at work… it is inevitable… snowmobile season is just […]

Shake out Ride

What do you call the first ride of the season? • Test ride = Try out a new machine or new area • Break in ride = Putting the first miles on a new machine • Road ride = Snow is thin and only able to ride on a designated road • Ditch Ride = […]

I am a Father & Husband First… The hardest thing about snowmobiling for me is that the sport that I LOVE has always taken me away from the people that I LOVE! It kills me that this has been true over the years. My incredible wife and my two awesome sons (now 12 & 14) […]

This one is just for the Ski-Doo riders. Author  Jon Ferrian Ski-doo adjustable handle bar risers are one of the best accessories that I have installed on my sleds over the last few years. The adjustable handle bar risers can be purchased from your local Ski-doo dealer or online for a suggested retail price of $159. […]

When you’re out in the wilderness on your snowmobile you should always carry a variety of tools in the event that your sled encounters a problem or simply to deal with the changing conditions. Most sleds come with a stock tool kit located under the snowmobile’s hood or seat. This will most likely include a spark […]

When you’re racing along on your snowmobile in a mountainous region, it’s fair to say that you’re somewhat exposed to the elements! It’s so important to have the right cold weather gear to stay warm and stay safe while out on the snow. Plus, it’s much more fun when you’re not freezing cold! It’s a […]

If you’re unfamiliar with our Sledfit fitness program then you can read all about it here: Our Sledfit exercises are designed with sledders in mind. With any luck (and a little bit of hard work!) these exercises can help you improve your fitness levels while bettering you as a rider – a most impressive of combinations! […]

Surprisingly few people know about this particular tip. It’s simple and can potentially save a lot of hassle. When attaching the safety chains to your tow vehicle, make sure the chains cross over each other. Simply, the left chain should hook into the right receiver eye and right chain into the left. The great thing […]