Do you carry extra fuel?

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Do you ride with extra fuel?

• Do you ride with a Shovel?
• Do you ride with a Beacon?
• Do you ride with a Probe?
• Do you have sled insurance?
• Do you have truck insurance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above and do so because you “might someday have an issue”, then you should also carry extra fuel in a caddy on the back of your sled. The extra 3 gallons of fuel that my Ski-doo Linq caddy allows me to carry is just another form of insurance for a trouble free backcountry ride. I tend to be the guy in the group who is still riding when my friends are taking a break and I have a hard time slowing down to “conserve fuel”, so many times I am using more fuel than my riding companions because I can! So even though I don’t use the fuel most of the time, it allows me the peace of mind to be able to ride as much as I want, with out having to gauge how much fuel that I need to get back to the truck.

Here are some other thoughts on why the extra fuel in a separate can is a good idea.
• What if you get lost and you end up riding much further than you anticipated?
• What if you see a new riding area that you want to tear up but are running low on fuel?
• What if you get stranded over night and need to start a fire with wet wood?
• What if somebody in your group runs out of fuel?
Do you want to tow them out or just dump some fuel into their sled and save the ware and tare on your own sled? (Ski-doo belts are $180)

Most people will tell you the reason they don’t carry a fuel caddy is that they don’t want the extra weight on their sled. The nice part of the new fuel caddy systems is that they can be attached and detached to your sled within a matter of seconds. If you really think it is going to keep you from having fun while you are playing in the trees or hitting a jump or something you can always remove it temporarily and make your epic line up that slope.

Backcountry sledding is a series of calculated risks that you can mitigate by being well prepared. Clear your mind and have one less thing to be concerned about… Carry extra fuel!

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