Free BRP Avalanche Rescue Skills Classes (2016)

Home safety Free BRP Avalanche Rescue Skills Classes (2016)

The class that may save a life (2016)

Every Back Country Snowmobiler who rides in mountainous regions of the country should already be aware of some basic safety information before ever unloading their snowmobile at the parking lot.  You should already know that you need a Shovel, Beacon and Probe before heading out riding in the back country… but do you know how to use it or more importantly do you know how to recognize and avoid avalanche terrain before you even get into an area that may cause trouble for you?  Did you know that the #1 cause of death in an avalanche situation is riding partners of the victim have inadequate training to pull off a rescue?  If you are one of the tens of thousands of riders in America and Canada that have little to no actual avalanche safety training then this article is for you! BRP is sponsoring Avalanche Rescue Skills Classes all over the US and Canada this season.   I have personally attended Professional Instructor Mike Duffy’s Avy Safety Classes every year since 2008.  Mike’s Class offers the necessary information to help you and your riding partners gain the training and knowledge to help with risk management and avalanche rescue scenarios.     I have become one of Mike’s biggest advocates and help him promote his classes every year since I personally experienced his training save the life of one of my riding buddies back in 2008 only two weeks after attending the class for the first time!   So with out any further words from me let me share with you the information for these incredible and “FREE” classes!  Please attend… you will not be disappointed!



FREE BRP Avalanche Rescue Skills Classes

New “Avalanche Rescue Skills”

Classroom session with hands-on, demonstrations, Powerpoint and video.  This is the next step in classroom education. Emphasis is on avalanche transceivers and rescue techniques.  Class will start with a quick review on avalanche accidents, how not to get caught and reading avalanche reports.  Will progress to more advanced avalanche rescue techniques. Students are encouraged to bring their avalanche gear to class (transceiver, shovel, probe, pack).


Nov. 4   6 p.m.      Grand Junction, CO             All Terrain Motorsports                            Call 970-434-4874  or

Nov. 7   2 p.m.      Granby, CO                             Powerworld LLC                                          Call Bill (970) 887-9337 or

Nov. 23   6 p.m.    Rifle, CO                                Rifle Performance Motorsports               Call (970) 625-2041 or



Oct. 9   6 p.m.     Rexburg, ID                 Rexburg Motor Sports                                    Call (208) 356-4000

Oct. 20  6 p.m.    Coeur D”alene            Specialty Recreation                                       Call (208) 667-3571



Nov. 19   6 p.m.      Sioux City, IA           Sioux City Yamaha/Can-am                           Call 712-277-3500 or

Nov. 20   6 p.m.      Mason City, IA          House Of Sports                                             Call John   (641) 424-2861 or



Nov. 11   6 p.m.     Marquette, MI          MarquettePowersports                                         Call Ryan (888) 606-5714 or Awareness, Avoidance and Rescue class.



Oct. 13   6 p.m.      White Bear Lake, MN       Tousley Motorsports                                      Call (651) 483-8296 Awareness, avoidance and rescue class.

Oct. 14   6 p.m.     Worthington, MN              Jaycox Implement                                          Call (507) 376-3147

Oct. 15   6 p.m.     Alexandria, MN                Ollie’s Service                                                 Call (320) 763-4455 or

Oct. 16   6 p.m.     Minnepaolis, MN              Minneapolis Motorsports                                Call (763) 634-0244  Awareness, avoidance and rescue class.

Nov. 10   6 p.m.    Duluth, MN                       Duluth Lawn and Sport                                   Call (218) 628-3718



Oct. 21   6 p.m.     Missoula, MT              Gull Boats                                                         Call Rick (406) 549-6169 or

Oct. 22   6 p.m.      Great Falls, MT          Addictive Powersports                                       Call  (406) 761-0303 or


North Dakota

Oct. 1   6 p.m.      Minot, ND         Wild Bill’s Motorsports                                            Call 701-852-4280  Awareness, avoidance and rescue class.

Oct. 2   6 p.m.      Mandan, ND      Moritz Sport And Marine                                        Cal 701-222-2000 or


South Dakota

Nov. 17   6 p.m.    Sioux Falls, SD    Vern Eide Motoplex                                                 Call (605) 221-4000 or Awareness, avoidance and rescue class

Nov. 18   6 p.m.    Toronto, SD    Roelofsen Implement Inc                                             Call  (605) 794-2131 or



Oct. 6   6 p.m.     Brigham City, UT        Frank May Ski-Doo & ATV Inc.                          Call Frank May (435) 279-8421 or

Oct. 7   6 p.m.    Kamas, UT                  Weller Recreation Inc.                                        Call (435) 783-4718 or

Oct. 8   6 p.m.    Salt Lake City, UT        High Adventure Powersports                             Call 801-924-9244

Nov. 5   6 p.m.    Springville, UT            Utah Valley Powersports                                    Call (801) 491-4242 or

Nov. 6    6 p.m.   Ogden, UT                 ADS Motorsports                                               Call (801) 393-4561



Oct. 23   6 p.m.     Spokane, WA             All Sports                                                            Call 800-359-4884Avalanche awareness, avoidance and rescue class.

Oct. 27   6 p.m.     Vancouver, WA          Pro Caliber                                                          Call 866-796-5020

Oct. 28   6 p.m.     Enumclaw, WA          Clem’s Enumclaw Powersports                             Call (360) 825-4502

Oct. 29   6 p.m.    Issaquah, WA             I-90 Motorsports                                                 Call 425-391-4490

Oct. 30   6 p.m.     Mt. Vernon, WA         Lifestyles Honda                                                  Call 360-416-3950



Nov. 12   6 p.m.     Appleton, WI              Ecklund Motorsports                                        Call Todd (920) 734-7134 or

Nov. 13   6 p.m.     Johnson Creek, WI     Rob’s Performance Motorsports                        Call Kory or Jackie (920) 699-3288  or



Sep. 25   6 p.m.                       Laramie, WY    TNT Motorsports.                                       Call 307-755-5050

Sep. 26   10 a.m.- 4 p.m.        Casper, WY    Keg and Kork 5371 Blackmore Rd.                Transceiver training on the hour.

Sep. 30   6 p.m.                       Gillette, WY      Action Motorsports Inc.                              Call (307) 687-0737



Hope to see you there!  Bring your riding partners.

Mike Duffy

Avalanche education for mountain riders.

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