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Establishing and maintaining the correct hand position as you learn to ride will increase your control, reduce fatigue and improve your overall safety. Let’s take a look at the hand positions you should be using when on your sled: Brake Hand Your brake hand should have one finger on the brake at all times. Period. […]


Even when we’re not out on the snow, we like to be preparing for it. What better way to prepare for the rigours of snowmobiling than our 10 week fitness program? Sledfit is specially designed for you, the sledder. It can and will improve your strength and endurance making you a better rider. It starts […]

Ascending a slope may seem relatively simple but doing it well does take some practise. One of the most important things to remember is that you should never climb beyond your abilities – particularly those of descending and turn outs. If you’re not comfortable navigating down the terrain afterwards then it’s best to reassess. Essentially, […]

We’re always looking to improve as riders and share our learnings with you! In this case, it’s all about the basic descent! When you’re descending, you should retain as much control as possible – seems pretty obvious, right?! Here we’ll explore basic descents in which both skis and the track are touching the ground. Our […]

If you’re getting ready for a day out on the snow then you’re probably thinking about what to pack. First of all, it’s important to be prepared for every possible situation. While you want to have a variety of equipment and tools, you also don’t want to overpack resulting in a heavy load. Below is […]

When you think of snowmobiling, you probably think that the difficult thing is riding the terrain. However, knowing how to read the your environment, especially when riding in technical terrain, is a skill that’s often overlooked. When you are riding in technical terrain, you need to strike a balance between carrying enough momentum to climb […]

We all ride for one reason – because we love it. And what better way to ride than in the company of friends? With that in common, it’s only logical that we all take the time to consider fellow riders and our environment. That way, we can all continue to enjoy this wonderful sport while […]

When you’re out in the wilderness on your snowmobile you should always carry a variety of tools in the event that your sled encounters a problem or simply to deal with the changing conditions. Most sleds come with a stock tool kit located under the snowmobile’s hood or seat. This will most likely include a spark […]

The Location Coquihalla Summit riding area is just off the Coquihalla Highway, Exit #228 (Britton Creek rest area) between Hope and Merritt. The area consists of great riding areas for beginner to expert riders. They groom over 60 Km of trails to make it quick and easy to access the Alpine (Henning Alpine 6Km from […]

When you’re racing along on your snowmobile in a mountainous region, it’s fair to say that you’re somewhat exposed to the elements! It’s so important to have the right cold weather gear to stay warm and stay safe while out on the snow. Plus, it’s much more fun when you’re not freezing cold! It’s a […]