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I am a Father & Husband First…

The hardest thing about snowmobiling for me is that the sport that I LOVE has always taken me away from the people that I LOVE!

It kills me that this has been true over the years. My incredible wife and my two awesome sons (now 12 & 14) do not share the same kind of passion for snowmobiling as I do. So in most cases, I have had to make a choice about how much time do I dedicate to sledding and family. To balance this, I have typically limited myself to riding one day per weekend and spending one day with my family during the winter months. I have also been lucky enough to be able to take some pretty incredible snowmobile trips several times per season with friends to many locations across the USA and Canada. My family will usually ride with me 1 day per month but it usually feels like it is out of obligation and not because they wanted to go. My wife has started to enjoy sledding more when we moved to Washington from Minnesota. She realized that it is warmer in the mountains of Washington vs. the bitter cold Minnesota winters. Plus the scenery here in the Cascade Mountains is pretty incredible.

I finally don’t have to choose!

This year, my son Maxx who turned 12 years old this year, is big enough to really enjoy riding and has become my new riding buddy! This has been a dream of mine ever since my sons were born. Maxx has ridden with me the last three weekends in a row and we have had a blast. When I asked him why all of a sudden this year things are changing, his response is that he is finally big enough to handle the snowmobile with confidence. We are even planning a family trip to West Yellowstone, Montana over the Christmas break. I have been riding my entire life and I have never been as excited for a sledding season as I am for this year! I can finally have everything! Family time and Sledding!

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