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If you’re getting ready for a day out on the snow then you’re probably thinking about what to pack. First of all, it’s important to be prepared for every possible situation. While you want to have a variety of equipment and tools, you also don’t want to overpack resulting in a heavy load.

Below is a list of everything that realistically need and can fit in your pack or under your seat. We have refined this kit from our years of experience riding in all types of conditions.

The List

  • Shovel – Many snow shovels are collapsible. Your shovel blade should easily fit in your pack while still being strong enough to shift snow. Try to choose one with a good grip.
  • Avalanche Probe – In this case bigger is better! It should be 2 metres at the very least. The probe should also be quick and easy to use.
  • Saw – Obviously this should be strong enough to cut through snow, ice and wood. Look for one that is lightweight and compact.
  • Extra Socks – You can never have too many socks! In the event that your feet get too cold or wet then extra socks is a must. Moisture-wicking and breathability are very important.
  • Extra Gloves – In the event of losing or damaging your gloves, (or even sweating through them) always bring an extra pair. These should keep your hands warm and dry while offering comfort and a strong grip.
  • Extra Goggles – It’s a good idea to have extra goggles in case one pair becomes uncomfortable or too difficult to see through.
  • Extra Base Layer (Fleece) – Just in case your first layer gets wet!
  • Toque Helmet Light – Safety comes first and when it comes to night-time riding, a helmet light is essential.
  • Matches/fire starter – Even if you’re just planning a quick ride during the day it’s always useful to have materials to start a fire and keep warm (and cook food!).
  • Overnight survival kit – Naturally survival kits can vary but will largely include items that will make a night in the wilderness much easier to handle.
  • Custom tool kit – It’s always good to be prepared. Take a look at our article of which tools to carry on your snowmobile.
  • Compass – There’s nothing worse than getting lost in the wilderness. A compass can be a real life saver in this situation.
  • 2 Liters of water – This one’s self explanatory!
  • Lunch/Snack – Even if you’re just on a short ride, it’s a great idea to have some food with you.
  • Balaclava – In case the cold wind becomes too chilling.
  • Beacon  – It’s a good idea to carry this on your person should you become separated from your snowmobile.

What does your packing list look like? Have we missed anything? Let us know with a comment below!




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