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This one is just for the Polaris Pro riders with the quickdrive belt system.

It’s highly recommended that in addition to carrying a spare clutch belt, you carry a spare quickdrive belt. The issue is that the belt cannot be kinked, and takes up space, so it’s difficult to find a place to store them. Here’s how I’ve done it:

I store it inside my right panel. I’ve just tie wrapped it through the panel tab holes. This area is clean, and free of fluids.  Two counter arguments are often raised to this placement:

  • It will rub on on the ‘in-use’ quickdrive assembly
  • It’s too close to the exhaust

It won’t rub: Once the side panel is back in place, it prevents the belt from moving at all and it stays protected and tight against the panel foam.

It’s not too close to the exhaust: The ‘in-use’ quickdrive belt is fine in relation to its proximity to the exhaust. While this spare is ever so slightly closer to the exhaust than the ‘in-use’ quickdrive assembly, and not in motion, the ‘coal mine canary’ tie wrap, a much softer plastic compound, shows no sign of heat fatigue, and neither does the belt.

I have had this belt in this location for the past two seasons (about 90 days of riding). I’ve taken it off and inspected it twice – there were no issues or signs of wear; it’s still good to go.

You can see better in this picture where the two tie wraps go through the side panel tab holes: 

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