Preseason Limber Up

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At the beginning of each season, most sledders will be nursing sore legs and backs after their first hard ride. Well you have just enough time left to do our Sledfit Preseason Limber up program.

This program is 3 days a week for 3 weeks – for a total of 9 work outs that should take you about 10min to do. The self directed program is designed to get your key sledding and core muscle groups moving and working so that you aren’t left overly sore after your first few days of riding, and help to prevent early season injuries. All the exercises can be done comfortably in your home.

1. This program is only available to our Facebook users, so if you haven’t yet, get access by clicking this link first: Facebook Login

2. Once you have Facebook access, you will find all the exercises here: preseasonlimberup.pdf. Here is a sample of the first few workouts:

3. A complete description of all the exercises can be found here: sledfit_exercises.pdf. Do these exercises at your own risk. Ease into each exercise and it if hurts you, then stop! Don’t overdo the amount of weight or reps…especially when starting out.

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