Ski-Doo Adjustable Riser Set up

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This one is just for the Ski-Doo riders.

Ski-doo adjustable handle bar risers are one of the best accessories that I have installed on my sleds over the last few years. The adjustable handle bar risers can be purchased from your local Ski-doo dealer or online for a suggested retail price of $159. This riser is perfect for any mountain rider or indeed for anybody who has a snowmobile that is used by multiple people. It allows adjustments from approximately 1″ below the stock Ski-doo Summit configuration all the way up to approximately 2 inches above the stock configuration. I am a 5’10” tall rider and here is how I use the riser to maximize my riding throughout the winter.

  • Lowest setting
    • Comfortable sit down trail riding to and from your back country ride on a groomed trail
    • Low center of gravity for most control during extremely aggressive off trail riding, tree riding, side hilling and climbing
  • Mid range setting
    • I use this setting most of the time as this is how Skidoo sets the sleds up from the factory
    • Standard off trail riding, tree riding, side hilling and climbing
    • Good overall average setting that will work well in most situations
  • Highest setting
    • Gives me plenty of elbow bend on a long bumpy trail riding to and from the truck

We have 4 riders in our family and the adjustable Ski-doo riser block allows the sled to conform to all of us. Installation requires the removal of the stock riser block and takes approximately 45 minutes to install. It requires the re-routing of the throttle cable and other electrical connectors on the handle bars. Once completed it has a very nice stock looking appearance. 

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