Ski-doo Quick Clickers, 1,500-10,000 feet? No Problem!

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Imagine riding your sled from 1,500 feet above sea level all the way up to 10,000 feet above sea level on the same day, on the same mountain and even on the same pull… “Never happen” you say? Welcome to Washington’s Mount Baker, where this scenario is completely possible! Now, imagine you are able to optimize your clutching set up on your Mountain Sled for this entire range within a minute.

On most snowmobiles from most manufacturers, you would only be able to set your sled up for the elevation range that you “think” you are going to ride that day. From the factory, Ski-doo snowmobiles, have clicker adjustments on the primary clutch that allow you to optimize a your engine RPMs to keep your engine in its peak RPM range for maximum power. This allows you to make adjustments to help your sled to run correctly from the parking lot all the way up to the top of the mountain! The three stock clickers require a 10mm and 13mm wrench to make the adjustment from positions 1 through 6. Each position will adjust your engine by 200RPMs and takes approximately 5 to10 minutes.

There is a way to make this great system work even better on your Skidoo. You can purchase an after market product called “Quick Clickers”. This product replaces the stock nuts on the adjustment bolts with three springs and replacement unit ends that lock into place with an Allen screw. Once installed, the new system can be compressed by inserting the supplied T-handle Allen wrench into the Allen screw and then press and rotate in a clockwise motion. You will need to set all three adjustment bolts to the same position number based on your desired engine RPM. This adjustment with the new quick clickers installed, will only take about 1 minute to perform.

Example: Your optimal RPM range on a Ski-doo etec 800R engine is 7900RPMs. This is where your sled should be running when you pin the throttle and are making a pull up an incline or in deep powder. If your sled is only hitting 7300RPMs on the pull up the hill you can stop, and within a minute, adjust your Quick Clickers from position #2 up to position #5 and your next pull should allow your engine to operate at its optimal 7900RPMs in the same conditions.

There are several factors that affect your sleds ability to run the correct engine RPMs including elevation, temperature, rider weight, and snow conditions. Now you can adjust your Ski-doo snowmobile’s peek engine RPMs with an adjustment to your new Quick Clickers!

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