Because no season is "off".

Starts EVERY Sunday

Sledfit is a 10 week fitness program designed specifically to improve the core strength and endurance necessary to become a better, more proficient, less injury prone rider. The goal of Sledfit is to raise the overall fitness ability of riders of all abilitites, increasing our overall ride endurance, and maybe making us a little lighter on our sleds.

*The program is comprised of 3 individual workouts per week designed to take about 20 mins total
*The program will start every Sunday
*At the beginning of each week, you will get your workouts for that week and can do them on which ever day suits you best. (To create a routine, I recommend sticking with same days every week.)
*The program will start with easier exercises and lower reps and will progressively become more challenging
*Each participant, upon completion of the workout will report their progress so that I can track, graph and adapt individual programs
*Anyone who is capable of riding a sled is capable of participating in Sledfit.
*Each of the exercises may have an optional modified version that will be lower impact
*The number or repetitions given with the exercise is the minimum for completion. More is encouraged
*Each time a new exercise is introduced, the proper technique will be explained in a sample video
*I use a private Facebook group page to post exercises, and for participants to report progress.

Completion of this program WILL get you in better shape then you are currently in, and most importantly will set you up to be a stronger rider THIS season.

Here is a workout example

I will post the exercises in a format like this, along with a reporting template.
 Week One, Day One – Complete 3 Repetitions of this circuit :
  * W1D1E1: Lunge Walk (20)
  * W1D1E2: Standing Squats (20)
  * W1D1E3: Skip Rope (20 times)
  * W1D1E4: Plank (20 seconds)

After you complete the exercises, you then post back simply “W1D1 Complete”

Here is a complete week sample: Sledfit - Week One

What you will need

Each of the workouts will be designed to be completed in your yard or house (or on vacation), and you will
need just these following items:
  * A grip strengthener. For example:
  * A Jump Rope. For example:
  * 2 Empty Gallon Milk Jugs

Why Milk Jugs?

We will fill up the jugs with increasing amounts of water as the program progresses. It is simple, doesn't require you to go out and but a weight set, and enforces proper form: If you are splashing the water around inside of the jugs, then you are using bad form.

Sledfit - Exercises

Sledfit is not a competition. I will track your results however, against a program baseline so you and I can see your individual progress and how your individual program needs to be adjusted so you stay on a positive trend.

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