Snowmobiling Technique Tips – Picking a Line

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When you think of snowmobiling, you probably think that the difficult thing is riding the terrain. However, knowing how to read the your environment, especially when riding in technical terrain, is a skill that’s often overlooked.

When you are riding in technical terrain, you need to strike a balance between carrying enough momentum to climb and progress without getting stuck, and going slow enough to scan your path options ahead and make decisions. All riders can become proficient at this with some practice.

Here are a few points to keep in mind that should prove to be helpful, especially if you are practicing new techniques or exploring and learning a new area.


  • Take the time to establish a ‘line plan.’ Establish your current location and your destination, as ell as the direction and path you plan to take.
  • Break your line plan into segments. Know how you have to start and finish each segment, including what side of the sled you have to be on, what foot positions will be necessary and how you will transition between each segment.
  • Only worry about one segment at a time.
  • Have a backup plan for each segment.

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