Through New Goggles-The Benefit of going to your local snowmobile Expo!

Home basic riding Through New Goggles-The Benefit of going to your local snowmobile Expo!

Just recently was the 2015 annual Snow Show held at the Puyallup Fairgrounds which is located just outside of Tacoma, WA. Many vendors, local and national, get together and it’s considered to be the kickoff of the snowmobiling season. Yes the weather hasn’t been the most cooperative so far this year, but 3 years ago people were riding up on the I-90 corridor about 1 hour east of Seattle from the Gold Creek and Crystal Springs snow parks.

As I walking around as a Volunteer, I was reflecting on how the Snow Show can be a huge benefit to the person that is looking to start or re-engage into the adventure of snowmobiling.

Everything you need is there. All the major snowmobile manufacturers, vendors and travel destinations attend. More importantly there were many snowmobiling clubs there to speak with and help you answer the many questions you may have.

Like any sport/activity you choose to engage in, there’s always a budget that limits what you spend. If you live in an area that has winter recreation it’s a good bet that somewhere near your hometown there will be one of these events. I highly encourage that you spend the time and go to your local Snow Show and shop. Yes on-line shopping has its benefits, however, as an example there was a vendor that sells high quality snowmobiling gear at 50% off at the event I attended this weekend. I may have not needed the gear that I purchased but it’s always good to have back up gear in case your normal riding gear gets damaged, lost, wet or a buddy may need to borrow something for a day of riding. If you are new to the sport and were looking to buy your first set of new gear, you could have saved several hundred dollars.

No of course, there is that impulsive reaction to buy it when you see it. And when it comes to snowmobiling, that impulse can be very expensive – in fact, my impulsive reaction has bitten my wallet many times but I’ve also saved A LOT of money by asking fellow riders what to buy, where to buy and when to buy. Until I can control that impulse, I’m looking forward to using my 3 helmets, 9 goggles, 8 pair of gloves, up-teen pair of winter socks this year amongst all my other gear. You think I’m kidding?? See you on the snow!


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