Through New Goggles- When are you ready to ride Revelstoke, Canada?

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I just returned from my first trip in Revelstoke, Canada. 4 days of awesome riding which got me thinking, “when is a snowmobiler ready to ride Revy?”

Since I started riding 3 seasons ago you hear about all of these travel destinations, hearing about how “EPIC” these areas are nd seeing some incredible riding conditions which to some newer riders might be intimidating to a certain degree. My thoughts are I would combine a brief ride report about our adventure and elaborate on my opinion towards how a beginner/intermediate rider can absolutely ride the Revelstoke area.

From Seattle, WA Revy is about an 8 hour drive depending on the road conditions. Once your cross into Canada and hit the Coquihalla Highway the road conditions can be bare and dry or contain a wintery environment that will keep both hands on the steering wheel the entire time. You should be prepared for the possibility of extreme winter road conditions. There are many elevation changes along the highway, which in my opinion if you are towing a trailer it’s best to travel with a friend that has a 3/4 or 1 ton truck. SUV’s and 1/2 ton trucks are more than capable it just may take a little longer.

Once in Revy the 2 most popular snow parks seem to be Boulder Creek and Frisbee. The group I was with rode these areas the first 2 days we were there and it was clear that this area had seen quite a few snowmobilers. At dinner that evening we decided that we would push north of Revy about a 1/2 hour and ride Keystone for 2 reasons… explore new areas for future trips and to avoid the weekend influx of riders. At Keystone you need to find parking on the highway to launch and hit the trail. The trail leading in was about 14 kilometers before we hit the alpine and we were able to experience amazing conditions. A significant improvement of the previous days’ riding conditions.

The next day we decided to push farther north from Revelstoke and ride an area called Caribou Basin. Like Keystone, the parking is right along the highway but extremely limited. I highly suggest that you do not bring a trailer but approach this area with a truck/sled deck combination. After a 15 km trail ride to the alpine we were presented with unlimited bowl after bowl of untracked powder. Amazing riding conditions 2 days in a row!

To get back to the purpose of my blog “Through New Goggles”……can a beginner/intermediate rider enjoy riding in Revy? My opinion is absolutely. It’s not for the first timer but if you have 5-10 rides under your belt and are riding with friends that understand your skill level you can definitely ride these areas. Once in the alpine, Revy offers plenty of terrain that you can ride safely while also working on honing your skills that will allow you to explore deeper into the back country during your next Revy trip and other areas that you ride as well.

All of the area in Revy is considered back country riding so I highly suggest that you are prepared as such. Beacons, shovels, probes, radio, avy pack, GPS are a must. I also highly recommend a 2-way satellite messaging device such as a SPOT or InReach. Extra layers of clothing, goggles, gloves and ability to start a fire or on that list as well.

Some people consider Revy to be the snowmobiling capital of the world……………after my first trip there I can understand why. If you haven’t been there, go. It is a snowmobiler’s bucket list item.

I look forward to any questions you may have! See you on the hill!



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