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Hello everyone,

I am truly excited to have been asked by Sled360 to provide to tell my story of what my journey has been like getting into snowmobiling.

I’m hoping that my blog will help people who are wanting to get into the sport or re-engage after some time away, will provide information to assist in that process. Everything from gear, vehicles, maintenance, web research and most of all being a resource to answer questions.

So, my story of how I was sucked into this most amazing journey called snowmobiling starts like this………

5 years ago I was in Alaska, in February, on a journey to go my family remote cabin that had not been occupied for over a year and a half. During the winter the only access to the cabin is by cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobile.

After a few days of preparation, loading supplies for maintenance/repair, fuel, water, food, tools we headed 3 hours north of Wasilla, AK to Trapper Creek to disembark on our 5 day journey.

I always hear everyone talking about “their first sled”, well technically my first sled was a SkiDoo Summitt so when it comes to using that line I’ve been pretty spoiled. But my first ride was on a 19’something 2 speed SkiDoo wide track. On top of the weather being -42 degrees lets just say my first ride was eye opening and eventful. By the time we had reached the remote cabin I had a million questions in my mind that I was ready to ask about what I needed to do to get into snowmobiling!

Thanks for reading my blog. This is a first for me so I hope as this journey moves along, you find my contributions helpful.

More to come…


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