What to Wear When Snowmobiling in the Mountains

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When you’re racing along on your snowmobile in a mountainous region, it’s fair to say that you’re somewhat exposed to the elements! It’s so important to have the right cold weather gear to stay warm and stay safe while out on the snow. Plus, it’s much more fun when you’re not freezing cold!

It’s a good idea to dress in layers to be prepared for changing weather conditions throughout the day. Your apparel has two main objectives. In addition to keeping you safe, it should also be warm and comfortable. Many of your clothing pieces will ideally be waterproof and breathable. There’s plenty of great clothing tailor-made for the sport of snowmobiling. Take a look at this list of things to wear when snowmobiling in the mountains:

What to Wear

  •  Thermal underwear – These should keep you warm and dry from head to toe.
  • Boots – Your boots should keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. While they should protect from snow and water, they should still allow your feet to breathe.
  • Pants – Snowmobiling pants should be lightly insulated, wind-resistant and breathable.
  • Chest guard – It’s just not worth taking risks when it comes to your personal safety. A good chest guard should be offer great protection and comfort without weighing you down.
  • Jacket – The outside of the shell should be both windproof and waterproof. It should also be breathable and offer good insulation.
  • Gloves – Naturally, you use your hands a lot so strong, durable gloves can go a long way. They should offer great grip and provide that all-important insulation.
  • Goggles – A good set of goggles should fit comfortably and obviously offer the best vision possible. Look out for anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses.
  • Helmet – It’s essential not to compromise on quality, especially when it comes to your helmet. Ventilation, fog-resistance and of course, strong yet lightweight protection are advised.

Further Tips

  • Look for clothing that is well insulated, water proof and comfortable
  • Wear easily removable layers to quickly adapt to changing conditions
  • Avoid cotton! Go for quick drying materials
  • Use a helmet with a windshield that is fog resistant

We hope this helps you when it comes to gearing up for your next adventure. Do you have a favourite clothing set-up? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below!

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