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Don’t Skip Pinpointing using Probe! In conducting an Avalanche Rescue, you may be tempted to start digging after you have found a lowest number with your transceiver.   Here is a technical example and practice exercise to highlight why you shouldn’t skip pinpointing using your probe.   There are 4 distinct and deliberate search phases […]

The POWDER is DEEP and you are having the ride of your life…and then… STUCKFEST!!! It happens to everybody… We all get stuck, some more than others. But what can make a bad day or a great day is the ability to get unstuck quickly and easily. There are some basic fundamentals that should be […]

It’s time for our next snowmobiling technique tip! On this occasion, we’re going to take a look at neutral position turns. This is a movement that is known by many names. When it comes to off trail and power riding, neutral position turns are a fundamental skill. If you plan on progressing beyond intermediate level […]

Here I will talk about the correct body and foot positioning to use when you’re out on your sled. These should provide you with increased control and improve your overall safety. Body Positions – Hips and Shoulders Most of the techniques I reference here will be from a standing position. In this position, it is […]

Don’t take on the backcountry without knowing what you’re looking at when you see that grand hunk of rock and fluffy white stuff. Each mountain hosts any combination of ever-changing features and conditions—here’s a breakdown of what to pay attention to, and how it can affect your safety. 1. Wind can displace tremendous amounts of […]

For those that are interested in the technical nuances of avalanche behavior, this succinct whitepaper that discusses the probabilities of triggering a fatal avalanche within the specific Avalanche Danger Ratings. Click to access TriggeringOdds_Tar_Jamieson.pdf “Avalanche risk depends on the probability of an avalanche affecting people (or property) and the expected consequences. For the consequence term […]

If you’re anything like me, you over snowmobile and you get strained elbows and arm pain. If I am not careful, tendon strain will set in around February and can be there for the rest of the season. Thankfully, with coaching from a sports Orthopedic surgeon, I have found some ways to mange it. Technically […]

Here is a way for you to practice your route finding skills. In the following photographs we have built some fun games where you must try and navigate your way from the green hut to the red hut. Be careful to navigate around areas that contain avalanche potential Click and hold the left mouse to […]

Over the last ten years there have been fantastic advances in the field of avalanche safety through research and technical development. Additions made to snow stability evaluations like ‘fracture character’ during the ‘compression test’ deepen our awareness of what is happening with the snow. There have also been the development terrain assessment tools, which help […]

I just returned from my first trip in Revelstoke, Canada. 4 days of awesome riding which got me thinking, “when is a snowmobiler ready to ride Revy?” Since I started riding 3 seasons ago you hear about all of these travel destinations, hearing about how “EPIC” these areas are nd seeing some incredible riding conditions […]